Bank '34
Lee Ann Bain
500 10th Street
Alamogordo, NM 88310

As your banking partner, we're with you every step of the way. Finding us is as simple as stepping around the corner or over to the nearest computer.

About BANK'34

BANK'34 was quite literally founded on a dream. It was originally organized (as Alamogordo Federal Savings and Loan Association) as an institution whose principal purview was to help area residents afford to buy their own homes. There is no more fundamental dream in America than that of home ownership, and we have been powering that dream since 1934.

The BANK'34 name was chosen based on the founding year it was established. Our name addresses our years of experience and our obvious financial stability. The year also shares that we were founded on values of a much more value-oriented time.

Not much in the world has stayed the same since that year, but our essential notion of helping customers achieve their hopes and desires certainly has. This is the essence of who we are, and this is why our founding year is right in our name.

Today, this philosophy has a broader application to our customers. BANK'34, of course, does much more than provide home loans. There's checking, savings, business accounts and any number of other financial offerings. In all of these services, however, a core belief runs consistently throughout: We help our customers because we believe in them. Their win is our win. And nothing makes us more proud than being part of their success.

We've chosen to partner with our customers not because of how they look on paper, but because of how they are as people. And we've chosen to partner with some very, very good people. By extension, that means we get to work with the finest individuals in our community. And what a rare and honorable privilege that is.

A good bank working with good people, helping them achieve the dreams that are most important to them. We've been honored to be a part of these achievements since 1934. And our name, our brand - our bank - promises to treat our customers with the respect their closest-held dreams deserve, every single day.

BANK'34 is an institution that is unchanging in its belief, willingness and ability to power its customers' dreams. Let's talk about that home loan. Let's talk about your new business. Let's partner for your success. Let's dream big. Let's get down to brass tacks. Let's work toward those brighter horizons. In other words, BANK'34 - LET'S MAKE IT POSSIBLE!

Welcome to BANK'34. Got a dream? Then it's our job to help you achieve it. It happens through our experienced and trusted staff, along with our signature human touch customer service. We've been dedicated to this kind of approach since we were founded in 1934 - which is why we chose "BANK'34" as our name. It's who we've always been. And it's who we'll always be.

Meet Our Board of Directors

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R. Miles Ledgerwood Chairman
William F. Burt Vice Chairman
Randal L. Rabon Director
James D. Harris Director
Karlon Cox Director

Meet Our Bank Officers

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Alamogordo Division
Karlon Cox President & Chief Executive Officer
Lauretta Smith Vice President
Robin French Vice President
Melissa Esquero Assistant Vice President
Laura Pannell Assistant Vice President
Lee Ann Bain Assistant Vice President

Las Cruces Division
Jill Gutierrez Market President & Chief Credit Officer
Wendy Flamm Vice President
Shelly Jett-McEntire Vice President

Loan Processing Center
Sue Soper Vice President